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25 May 2018: A Midsummer Night's Dream/Alice in Wonderland

Time to tour again!

18 Dec 2017: Live Canon

Christmas poetry in Wimbledon Windmill

12 Sep 2017: Home Again

‘For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbours, and laugh at them in our turn?’

20 May 2017: Rehearsing P&P

So far in Sennen

24 Apr 2017: Pride and Prejudice

You are mistaken, Mr Darcy, if you suppose that I am not VERY EXCITED.

13 Jan 2017: Filming

I did a rom-com - no, really…

28 Nov 2016: Adulting begins

Stepping into the real world

03 Aug 2016: Wright and Murray Creative Management

Just a note to say…

29 Jul 2016: Showreels

Aaaand… that’s a wrap!

07 Jul 2016: Blue Stockings

Ladies. Welcome to Girton.

Yeah, she's got a pretty smile too.