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07 Jul 2016

Blue Stockings

Our final grad show was Jessica Swale’s Blue Stockings, directed by Jane Moriarty, running from 2nd – 6th July. It tells the true story of the women at Girton College, Cambridge, and their fight for the right to graduate in 1897. I played Elizabeth Welsh, the Mistress of Girton, and leader of that fight. We had a month to rehearse, beginning in a rehearsal room at Mountview where we papered the walls with pictures of colleges, Victorian feminists, and bicycles; and then moving into the Bridewell Theatre for our tech and run. Mrs Welsh was a wonderful part: a woman of steel who has to make some impossible decisions, and holds everything together until finally she has no choice but to break. It was brilliant to finally get to put on a ‘proper’ play with people we’ve trained with all year, and the work of the cast was supported by our amazing production and tech team. A cleverly woven-together script, culminating in a fantastically compelling final scene complete with a fight, a song, and the hard truth that the women lost (spoilers!) and didn’t get the right to graduate until 1948, meant that every night we left the audience in tears. It was a perfect way to end the year - now to see what’s next…

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