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29 Jul 2016


Today marked my very last day at Mountview, and the end of two weeks of filming for our showreels, filming two scenes each. I worked with the marvellous Chelsea Clare on a fairly light-hearted televisual scene about two flatmates that got darker and darker as the shoot progressed - the final cut may look something along the lines of ‘Single White Female’… We filmed in a student house that needed a LOT of dressing up - I never knew the glamour of filming involved cutting out, stapling and hanging a lot of bunting made from tablecloths! Fortunately the next shoot was outside in Broomfield Park, where I finally got to work with the incredible Hassan Govia. We filmed an original cinematic scene he’d written, with our two characters trying to negotiate through a fairly tortured friendship that had gone badly wrong. We were helped so much by the brilliant direction of Chris Carr and some amazing crew - watch this space for the final edit!


Yeah, she's got a pretty smile too.