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28 Nov 2016

Adulting begins

Well, it has been a very different few months from anything that has gone before. Given that I went straight from school to university to drama school, suddenly being cut loose from all structure, timetables, or in fact any kind of responsible role in society has been equal parts liberating and terrifying. After a few weeks getting my life sorted (funny how the paperwork can pile up after a year of rolling around on the floor with very little time for admin), life as a professional actor is up and running!

It’s so far been a lot of Research and Development work, which is always a lot of fun - it’s a great privilege to be invited by writers to hear and mess around with and help mould their work, and there’s a particular kind of buzz that comes with knowing you’re the first person to say these words and play this part. Highlights have included a clumsy American pastor in a delightful new farce, and a beautifully incompetent spin-doctor in a play about tax havens, but my favourite so far has to be getting to workshop an absolutely foul-mouthed and filthy Queen Elizabeth I in a hilarious new musical.

Work has also begun in earnest on a new podcast: An History of Music with Julian L’Eclarisse Duvert! This improvised comedy podcast is a collaboration with Guy Clark and Charlie Houseago, and shaping up to be a whole lot of fun. We’re hoping to launch in the new year, and then you can tell us if we’re as funny as we think we are…


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