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13 Jan 2017


Just before Christmas, I got my first real taste of filming. It was a short independent film, written and directed by the very talented Jordan Hill. It’s a boy-meets-girl story of a young man who flees America and his cheating ex-girlfriend, arrives in London, meets Elise (me!) in an art gallery, who shows him round the city and mends his broken heart - or does she… his creepy ex has a nasty habit of popping up in the corner of the shot saying spiteful things. It was quite a struggle being the sweet quirky love-interest who talks about cupcakes and art being inspiring, while someone else got to roll their eyes and do all the sarcasm, but it was a great acting challenge and actually incredibly fun. We got to film in some really beautiful places - filming in the V&A was a real privilege - and even managed to grab the ‘sunset behind Big Ben’ shot. It took a while for me to remember that we were filming rather than onstage, so I probably shouldn’t be pulling quite so many faces and shouting, but after that things were pretty plain sailing. The film won’t be released until Spring, but in the meantime, have some stills from our first day’s shoot:

V&A 1 Southbank 2 Southbank 1

Yeah, she's got a pretty smile too.