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20 May 2017

Rehearsing P&P

We’re two weeks into rehearsals in Cornwall. So far we’ve blocked the entire show, gone back over it all and filled in the detail, started learning the music, learnt all our lines (ish), collected the staging and our steel-toed boots, and even managed to squeeze in some surfing - phew! We still need to learn the dances, work out how to build the stage, practise the HUNDREDS of costume changes, and work out how to get from start to finish at the breakneck pace that’s needed without falling over from laughing - easy, right? The show is shaping up to be something so exciting: Austen’s sparkling, witty, cattily wonderful writing; with a slapstick, speedy, hilarious staging. Five actors, thirty seven characters, two hours, opening in one week - it’s going to be a fun one. Tickets and dates available here:


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