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18 Dec 2017

Live Canon

Since getting home from Pride and Prejudice, I’ve been lucky enough to be doing a lot of work with the Live Canon Ensemble, performing poetry from memory at theatres, festivals, events, and on film. I started off at the Winchester Hat Fair in July, then got to perform live then film five new poems that were shortlisted in the Live Canon 2017 International Poetry Competition - I was lucky enough to perform the two winning poems, which you can watch here:

Then last week I had the pleasure of performing with Simon Muller and Iain Bachelor as part of the Wimbledon Bobble Hat - lots of Christmas poetry, mince pie haiku, and rhymes in crackers in Wimbledon Windmill! It was a delight to perform in such a unique space for such a beautiful event. Still to come is the Children’s Poetry Competition event in Spring, and then who knows?


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